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Welcome to Nate Lowe and Associates Official Blog Spot! For those of you who have visited our official website at doctornatelowe.com you may notice changes have been made. The reason being is we want to give the very best way to convey information to our patrons. Our goal is to become a data center when it comes to substance abuse related issues. However, our primary purpose as a firm is to help new prospects develop successful substance abuse programs from the ground up.

At Nate Lowe and Associates we pride ourselves on doing what’s right for those we serve. Along the way we have learned that a distinction goes in before service check out, it is a reputation in which we have earned. With more than forty plus years of practical hands on experience in the field of substance abuse (1972 – present), we understand with technology, we can share our insight and experience with those looking for help and those looking to help others. Make no mistake; alcohol & drug abuse is a severe problem. Substance abuse and addiction have heightened, and it’s continually getting worse. It has no respect for ethnicity, social status, location, and it doesn’t  just impact a user. Addictions are directly linked to many other problems to include but not limited to, health issues, social stigma and habitat degradation.

Utilizing our on-line assets, we believe that we can help to educate more people on substance abuse and its impacts. We invite everyone who is interested in learning more about this topic to please join us as we learn together about innovative ways to help address this epidemic. We welcome articles from our subscribers to place on our Blog Spot. We will update new information as it becomes available. We are looking forward to hearing from you. Together we can and will make a difference.

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