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Hello, my name is Marsha; I am an addict/alcoholic. Four years ago I sought help for my addiction to alcohol, drugs among other things. It changed my life!

I gave my full story upon seeking help for my problem. I proceeded to tell my therapist, of course, the things I felt relevant to my current level of hopelessness. I was impressed with myself after I finished, making it clear that although I had some pretty tough things happened to me in recent times; it was nothing I could not handle. The truth of the matter, I had spent the last year using crack cocaine and drinking alcohol all day and every day. I had lost everything, even lost custody of my darling daughter. My therapist sat patiently listening to every word I said. What I did not know, he was able to read between the lines, he could hear contradiction in my words. He did not receive any of the false bravado I was dishing out. He told me point blank, “Ms. Marsha, I will help once you are ready to get out the way and be true to self.” That is exactly what I did. He helped me by pointing me in the right direction.

I am a staunch manipulator, so I felt that I would be able to reduce the situation; I finally was going to do things differently. He told me, “If you follow directions and be honest with yourself, your life will not be the same.” My therapist said, “You can go anywhere you want to go and do anything you want to do; as long as you figure out where you want to go, and what you want to do.” He also stated, “Where you are now is not indicative of where you could be tomorrow.”

Spending time in analysis opened a whole new world for me. The knowledge and information that I acquired during this time was invaluable, and I surrender to it regularly as it truly is part of the effective principles that I have built since the gift of sobriety.

My therapist taught me about respect, character, taking ownership, understanding of others, patience, and spirituality – something I had no interests at all. I learned how to improve what my therapist describes as a “reference point” and the importance of creating an “inner circle”, a simple set of tools relevant to everyday problems. The tools I now use represent a whole new way of living; have created in me a whole new appreciation.

My therapist was one of the most incredible people I have ever met; his passion for helping others is something to observe He was friendly and understanding. Not only was he kind to me improve my long road to recovery, he has been to my family. Recognizing the need for redemption in all areas of families that ravaged by the pain and heartache of someone they care about suffering from this disease. I am so grateful for a person of his skills and strength and the work he does. He has given me so much to expound upon; he helped me to create a new beginning.

Whereas, when I first met him, I had nothing, lost everything I had. My family did not want anything to do with me because I used them up. I lost my daughter. I had hit rock bottom, even considered taking my own life.

After my therapist, he explained “We all have many opportunities in life, but we only have two great, great, great opportunities – the first one and the last one. The problem is we never know if this is the first or if it is the last.” Somehow that managed to stay with me. Today, my life is different because of my commitment and my willing to follow. I am so grateful to him, and words cannot express my true feelings. All I can say, Thanks from the bottom of my heart for all that you have done for me and my family.

Until next time, be true to yourself and others.

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